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Bring systems of identity, insight, and engagement together into one data-powered platform.

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Higher ROI, Lower TCO
Faster Data Onboarding & Usability
increase in customer engagement
savings in total cost of ownership

Single source of truth

Imagine a single actionable view that connects your customer data and enables you to target new audiences using previously unknown insights. With ƵAPP's CDP+ you can have it all, from customer acquisition through engagement and retention.

Expand your knowledge with past purchase behavior, channel preferences, real-time interests, and more from ƵAPP's proprietary dataset.

Identify anonymous consumers and engage them with meaningful experiences across channels using the expansive ƵAPP Identity Graph™.

Score individuals and audiences in real time using intent-based signals and identifiers drawn from top activities and behavior.

Looking for the right tools to seamlessly connect applications and channels?

ƵAPP’s Integration Ecosystem has everything you need

Enterprise-grade customer data management

ƵAPP’s real-time and scalable data processing capabilities encompass integration, hygiene, unification, enrichment, identity resolution, and more. Connect any data source, configure business rules, and manage data flows using a low-code visual interface that puts marketers in the driver’s seat and reduces the burden on IT teams.

Take advantage of our modern schemaless architecture for faster implementation, easy integration with your existing systems, and lower cost of ownership.

Use pre-built integrations and real-time data sharing with Snowflake® and Google BigQuery™ to make on-demand data access even faster.

Built from the ground up with a flexible low-code environment and AI in our DNA to ensure maximum data management efficiency.

Identity rooted in strength and scale

ƵAPP's CDP+ leans on an identity graph built on the permission-based identities of 235+ million U.S. consumers. Minimal reliance on third-party cookies means ƵAPP delivers integrated, persistent IDs that are future-proofed for both emerging ID spaces and channel experiences.

Automate rigorous identity resolution and unification processes along with integrated data hygiene and validation.

Integrate with existing systems and transform reporting, segmentation, and cross-platform customer IDs into operational strengths.

Create a center of customer and digital marketing intelligence that can be leveraged across your enterprise.

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Easy activation across channels and devices

ƵAPP's CDP+ is built from the ground up to consolidate your adtech and martech needs. Its core AI engine enables marketers to reach consumers across channels with individualized, resonant messaging that inspires engagement. It includes native channels and an extensible connector framework that’s able to syndicate data and audiences to virtually any channel or system.

More than just a customer

More than just a customer data platform

If customer data is your most valuable resource, you can’t trust just anyone to help you manage it. ƵAPP’s focus on more than just building the best platform. We also strive to be the best partner. Every client is assigned an account team with expert resources in implementation, integration, analytics, and more at their disposal to help ensure your success.

Why ƵAPP? Simple

Our founding vision was simple: Reduce complexity

  • We built an intelligent software platform to bring all marketing solutions together in one place.  We succeeded, and then some.
  • The ƵAPP Marketing Platform lets you reach virtually every US consumer with high impact omnichannel campaigns powered by next generation AI.
  • The results? Simply amazing.

Seeing Is Believing

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