Customer Growth

Grow the value of your customers over time with unique individualized experiences and next best actions fueled by predictive AI.
Acquiring new customers is an investment. You have a golden opportunity to grow that investment, from repeat purchases that increase customer lifetime value all the way to brand advocacy. Choosing a ‘one size fits all’ approach with existing customers won’t get you there, which is why ƵAPP enables brands to learn more about new and existing customers, deliver highly personalized messages, and create repeatable strategies that increase lifetime value.

Make every customer feel special

Inundating customers with promotional messages is not a growth strategy. Making them feel understood and appreciated is. ƵAPP provides new intelligence about your customers and what makes them tick: context, propensities, psychographics , and more all lending to richer profiles and a foundation for 1:1 marketing at scale. This foundation enables your strategy to account for a customer’s current state—what they are seeking, where they are cross-shopping, and most importantly what is motivating them as buyers — to drive incremental purchases.

Unlock the power of individualization

Once ƵAPP’s proprietary intelligence creates a more comprehensive profile, these insights can be translated into more relevant messaging and individualized experiences across channels. One-time buyers become repeat customers when you leverage ƵAPP’s AI to cross-sell related products, predict the offer that drives conversion, and recommend channels that support friction-free servicing. All of which serves to increase lifetime value.
AI-enabled modeling guides you to customers most likely to engage or purchase again.
Identify highest value customers— when they will buy again, how much they will spend
Cross-sell and up- sell based on past purchases to increase average order size and value

Predict and plan for the next purchase

ƵAPP’s proprietary intelligence does more than enhance your customer knowledge. It also enables you to tap into thousands of intent-based signals per individual, giving you extraordinary insight into the needs of every customer, even when they may not yet be aware. Leverage ƵAPP’s predictive AI to automate next- best-action recommendations and never miss an opportunity to grow the relationship, from one meaningful offer to the next.


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