Customer Retention

Retain customers longer by avoiding churn and using ƵAPP’s intelligence to shift attitudes and change behavior on the fly.

Data shows that the customers devoted to your brand are better for your bottom line. But where does that devotion come from? Good products and positive experiences are obvious contributors, but what about the context that makes up your customer relationships? Knowing where the value is derived will help you protect the relationship when a customer is considering competitor. Falling satisfaction scores, increasing complaints, and surging cancellations are all active signs of customer churn that demand your attention.

Understood customers are loyal customers

In order to recognize churn, you must first know your customers at a deeper level and understand what drives their satisfaction. ƵAPP provides new intelligence about your customers and what makes them tick: context, propensities, psychographics, and more all lending to richer profiles and a foundation for 1:1 marketing at scale. This foundation enables your strategy to account for a customer’s current state—what they are seeking, where they are cross-shopping, and most importantly what competitors they are considering instead of you.
Deeper understanding of customer behaviors leads to ability to predict intent.
AI-enabled scoring determines propensity to buy, price sensitivity, interests, and more.

Integrated customer profiles include ratings and reviews for a holistic view on satisfaction.

Uncover the hidden drivers of churn

The ƵAPP Marketing Platform recognizes and processes consumer behavior in real time, giving you up-to-the-moment awareness of a customer’s propensity to buy as well as to churn. Knowing when a customer is shopping a competitor’s website or considering a substitute product is key, and the ƵAPP Marketing Platform arms you with the tools to stop churn in its tracks.

Target customers with optimized offers based on an individual profit profile.

Determine appropriate level of investment across channels to preserve ROI.

Implement loyalty-building recommendations to discourage future churn.

Find and engage lapsed customers

Buying patterns differ from customer to customer, which can make churn difficult to spot without ƵAPP’s insights. Understanding when customers are likely to buy can help you determine when they are truly lapsed. Once you accurately identify a customer who hasn’t recently purchased or engaged with your brand, you can make a compelling offer to reactivate the relationship.
Isolate replenishment cycles to specific bulk vs. basket sizes.

Differentiate reorder needs and align to individual usage types.


Know if and how to respond if channel preferences have changed.


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