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Successful customer engagement starts with actionable consumer data—accurate, continuously updated, and easily accessible.
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The fundamental struggle behind data-driven marketing is this—successfully growing your business requires you to navigate disparate systems that don’t work together. Consequently, the same is true of your data. As consumer technology advances and marketing strategies evolve, organizations need centralized, reliable, and actionable data and analytics to maximize their efforts.

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Critical requirements of a customer data platform

ƵAPP CDP+ delivers these fundamental requirements of customer data management.

Centralize first-party customer data

Many systems used by marketers operate in siloes without the ability to share data back and forth. By centralizing that data in a CDP environment, marketers gain a complete view of the customer relationship and the ability to analyze behavior and transaction trends for better decision making.

Maintain the integrity of first-party data

Customer data platforms enable marketers independent of IT to control the data flow between systems and automate processes designed to integrate and cleanse data. In addition, CDPs can operationalize many of the steps necessary to manage consent and compliance.

Activate customer data in market

Centralizing first-party data in a customer data platform and organizing into customer profiles makes it available in real time and optimized for activation in marketing programs and across channels.

Gain insight into audiences and customer behavior

Analyzing first-party data in a CDP offers marketers a better understanding of audiences and people and the ability to create more personalized offers and experiences attuned to individual interests and behavior.

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Why ƵAPP for customer data management?

Four key advantages separate ƵAPP CDP+ from other customer data management solutions.

Benefits beyond customer data management

ƵAPP clients have realized benefits from CDP+ that supersede customer data management. Below are examples of other business challenges CDPs can address.

Adtech/martech consolidation

Merge adtech and martech stacks with full access to first- and third-party data and executional capabilities across digital channels.

Strategic business focus

Enhance consumer experiences and digital growth while driving brand awareness and improving operations.

Top-line profitable growth

Increase customer lifetime value and drive engagement and loyalty from identified visitors, opted-in subscribers, and repeat buyers.

Strengthen existing technology

Transform pain points such as reporting, segmentation, and cross-platform customer ID and turn them into strengths.

Centralize enterprise insights

Create one center of excellence for all digital marketing intelligence enabling your global organization to benefit from learnings.

Expand identity resolution

Growing beyond first-party customer lifecycle management by integrating ƵAPP’s deterministic dataset of 235+ million profiles.

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